Premier League side Chelsea are set to abandon their long term interest in Napoli star defender Kalidou Koulibaly, particularly as the transfer window edges to a close, reports say.

Coach Antonio Conte has been in search for a defender for long, but various reasons have prevented the deal from happening. Napoli are keen to retain the defender after his sterling performance in the .

Jose Mourinho wants his team to get used to squad life

It’s been a little over a month since Jose Mourinho was officially appointed as the new coach of Manchester United and the Portuguese manager still needs more time to test the waters and find out which formation as well as which players are performing better.

Since taking over at Old Trafford, Mourinho has lead Manchester United to a victory over Wigan Athletic and another triumph over Galatasaray while suffering a defeat after facing off with Borussia Dortmund in the International Champions Cup.

The latest match of Manchester United was against Galatasaray and the Premier League club claimed a 5-2 triumph and Jose Mourinho made a total of 11 substitutions in this friendly encounter as the Portuguese manager still has not truly decided on which combination of players is his most optimal and the 53 year old manager advised his team that they should start getting used to this kind of method.

Nemanja Vidic Retires From Active Playing

The beginning of this year saw one of the star players of Manchester United retiring from football.

He stated that the injuries he had sustained through his career had taken their toll. Nemanja Vidic decided to quit the active career of playing on the field at the age of 34. He was known as a formidable defender on the field. He was part of Inter Milan and he decided to end the contract that had been active. The news of his retirement was announced on the Manchester United website allowing all fans to receive news of the same.

The defender from Manchester United has spent about eight years and more at Old Trafford. He has now decided to leave Inter Milan after mutual agreement with the club. He was captain of Manchester United before he moved to Italy in the year 2014. The news was announced along with a statement about this Serbia international player. The beginning of the year Aston Villa was looking to sign up Nemanja Vidic.

NemanjaVidic was more than just a defender for Manchester United according to Smalling

Chris Smalling has stated that NemanjaVidic was more than just a defender during his time at Manchester United.

He believes that Vidic put fear into the opposition players whenever he was on the pitch. He said that NemanjaVidic was a dominant figure at the back, and this provided some security to the other players.

He stated that Vidic was focused on defending. Although he might go forward whenever he had the opportunity, he was more concerned about defending and preventing goals. He said that he was an aggressive player that always does his best in order to block any goal scoring opportunities.

Nemanja Vidic claims to get into Management

Former Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic claims that he is looking at the possibility of getting into management.

Numerous injuries forced the Serbian defender to call time upon his stellar career. After spending eight years at Manchester United, he won numerous titles including the Premier league and Champions League. This gave him the mighty experience of playing under Sir Alex Ferguson. He announced his retirement in January while on the books of Italian outfit Inter Milan. His last appearance for Inter was in the 2014-15 season. He failed to make any appearance in the current campaign.

Nemanja Vidic amazed to see Players signing contracts in China

Nemanja Vidic says it’s unexplainable why the top quality players from different countries are frequently signing the contracts in China while most of them are young and good enough to play in better leagues around the world.

In the view of the Yugoslavian born Ex-Serbia international, it might be the case of the players listening to their conscience as there are certain points in the lives of the players when they feel this is the correct timing for a particular move and then, they make it. For an outsider, it might seem like a strange and a wrong decision at that time, but, from the players’ perspectives, they do what they feel like doing.

Vidic cited the example of himself and talked about the time when he had cut ties with United and had moved to feature in the league in Italy where he remained only for a couple of seasons before bidding adieu to his career.

Nemanja Vidic’s future is being linked away from Inter Milan

It’s not likely that Nemanja Vidic will be a player of Inter Milan for another season as he has had a difficult time with the Italian club and are rumors are claiming that his time is almost up in San Siro. The Serbian defender has not played a single match in this current season and this is due to a hernia surgery that he sustained in the previous summer.

Vidic hasn’t been playing any significant role in the Italian club and there is a big probability that he is going to be transferred away from Inter Milan during the winter transfer window. In the first season that Vidic spent in Italy, he played fairly well but things have taken a huge slip and now his future is starting to seem unclear.

Danny Blind was not a happy man as he believed it could have been a clean sheet

Despite Netherlands emerging as the winning side taking on Wales at the Cardiff City Stadium the other night, their boss Danny Blind was not a happy man as he believed it could have been a clean sheet and it’s only because of slight faults in the defence that the margin of win got diminished.

The Oranje saw two goals getting scored against them and both of them were off free kicks which according to Blind, could have been avoided if the defence had been tighter in its work.
In the words of Blind, “To concede a couple in that fashion, it’s irritating and it’s not the first time. Even in the qualifiers, there were occasions when it happened. It’s an area which needs improvement.”

“We had a decent beginning and then we let the momentum slip away and we were actually under pressure at one point of time. So, while, it’s good to win, you also have to be realistic and acknowledge the mistakes.”

Keep the cameras out

It is sometimes thought that football games which aren’t televised live can often be a better watch for the spectators in attendance.

There are a number of reasons for this, but in today’s world so many football clubs love to have their games televised, so much so that for an Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester City or United fan it is almost possible for them to watch their team in action every week, regardless of where they live.

When it comes to the games themselves, with the TV cameras in attendance it can bring pressure to the fore in two different ways.

Players such as Wayne Rooney or Eden Hazard are so used to the cameras being at their games that they can thrive off it, with Rooney and Hazard, amongst others, providing plenty of entertainment down the years in live games.