Vidic’s Exit Poses Further Troubles

Soccer superstar Nemanja Vidic’s sudden announcement to leave his 8-year stint with Manchester United is predicted to beget further woes for the already troubled Old Trafford football team. Vidic has left his old squad in quest of new challenges in his career.

The tragic bit with Man U is that following Vidic’s exit, the esteemed soccer club is about to lose out on two of its most precious leaders Rio Ferdinand & Patrice Evra.

No wonder, the Man U authority is in a disturbed state off late. “The Blues have signed up with some of A-one European soccer superpowers”, stated City’s website while declaring the news of departure of its most favorite contemporary leaders. The next line of the message duly brings in an extra effect with the winking emoticon. “Neighbors Man U would be appearing too”, it said.

It was one of the most troubling seasons for the club & Vidic’s recent announcement has shaken the club terribly.

The soccer star was the center-half of true greatness in his game & is aptly hailed as purest of defenders in Brit Football. He still has in him to come up with swashbuckling performances which are evident from the fact that Man U are relatively better with Vidic than without the man.

However, Keown (Martin) has accused Vidic of fleeing away citing that he is still young and capable enough to battle for his old club that enabled him to win 5 Premier League match titles, Champions League, 3 League Cups & 1 Club World. Vidic is 32 at present. The Arsenal star further stressed Vidic is undoubtedly one of the fantastic players till now, one among the best of defenders in the history of Premier League but unfortunately he is facing the back on his old team.