Nemanja Vidic is no longer an active footballer as the Serbian defender announced his retirement from football on January of 2016, but he does remain up to date with everything that is going on in football and especially with his former club Manchester United.

Considering the fact that it was at Old Trafford where he spent 9 seasons and lifted the UEFA Champions League as well as many other pieces of silverware, it’s no wonder why Manchester United represents something so important for the Serbian retiree.

One of the latest things that Vidic has had to say in relation to his former club is involving Nemanja Matic as the retiree had nothing but praise concerning one of Jose Mourinho’s summer signings.

“I remember him arriving for the Serbian national team for the first time. We were playing a game in Prague against Czech Republic in 2008.

“My first impressions of him were positive a nice guy, someone good to have around and someone who would be right in the dressing room. Unlike many of the players in the Serbian national side, he did not play for Red Star or Partizan Belgrade at a senior level. He’s from Sabac, close to Belgrade, but he found his way via football in Slovakia where he was Player of the Year there with Kosice. He was a very talented footballer.”

Matic and Vidic are both hailing from Serbia and they even got a chance to perform at the stage around 10 years ago. This is one of the reasons of why Vidic is rating Matic so highly as the Serbian retiree had the opportunity to work and play alongside him.

So far, it does seem like Nemanja Matic has found his place in Old Trafford as he has made an appearance in every single of the 9 opening Premier League matches of the season which have been played until now.