Who is odds on to win the FA Cup this year?

Although some of the clubs can be guilty of failing to take it as seriously as they should, most fans of Premier League clubs still value the FA Cup – and it is also still a popular choice when it comes to football betting.

Unsurprisingly most sports betting sites have Manchester United amongst the strong favourites, with odds of 4/1, and their rivals from the blue half of town are also rated strongly at 9/2 by most bookmakers. Chelsea – who have odds of 4/1 and 9/2, depending on what site you visit, are also amongst the favourites, but from a betting point of view, none of these clubs will really bring much of a return.

That requires a longer-odds bet, but this needs to be balanced by realism – as there is no point betting on a rank outsider. Everton and Liverpool, both with 10/1 odds (and both eager to grab silverware this season) and Stoke City, with 33/1 are probably the best outside bets to consider, but it can be hard for football fans to separate emotion from logic, which sometimes makes it better if they stick to gambling at online casinos such as Gaming Club mobile casino instead, because smart betting needs a cool head.

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