Vidic Leaving United

After making over 200 league appearances for Manchester United, Nemanja Vidic is leaving the Premier League club but he had a few things to say in relation to the disastrous season that they experienced during the time that David Moyes was in charge of the team.

Vidic told the Daily Telegraph: “The players were being questioned, the manager was being questioned, and the club was being questioned. People end up saying the players are not good enough and we need to buy better ones. I am not saying we have had a good season. It was a bad time and the players could have done better. But everyone lost belief in the team.”

“I am not saying that the David Moyes way was bad, but these players feel more comfortable playing a certain way of football. You have to respect where you are and what you represent, though, and there is no point speaking about someone who was here, who everyone knows lost his job because he did not succeed in doing what he wanted to achieve’’.

Moyes originally signed a 6 year contract with Manchester United at Old Trafford as he succeeded Sir. Alex Ferguson but after a series of disappointing results week after week, the Scottish coach was eventually removed from his position in the club.
Vidic went on saying that everything about the team was experiencing difficulties as the players themselves argued and couldn’t settle on anything during the time that Moyes was in charge.

Despite all of the disappointing and negative things that were launched at Moyes, according to Vidic they never lost faith in him as they knew that the former Everton coach was trying to revolutionize the squad but the fans as well as the owners of the club, lost patience and ultimately had to fire him.