Nemanja Vidic amazed to see Players signing contracts in China

Nemanja Vidic says it’s unexplainable why the top quality players from different countries are frequently signing the contracts in China while most of them are young and good enough to play in better leagues around the world.

In the view of the Yugoslavian born Ex-Serbia international, it might be the case of the players listening to their conscience as there are certain points in the lives of the players when they feel this is the correct timing for a particular move and then, they make it. For an outsider, it might seem like a strange and a wrong decision at that time, but, from the players’ perspectives, they do what they feel like doing.

Vidic cited the example of himself and talked about the time when he had cut ties with United and had moved to feature in the league in Italy where he remained only for a couple of seasons before bidding adieu to his career.

According to him, he was asked a lot why for such a short time he needed to go to a different league and why he couldn’t finish gracefully at United itself, but, he couldn’t explain it because there was no particular reason to it. It was just about his inner feeling.

However, Vidic reckons the migration of stars is going to be great for the local players in China as they will learn a lot about the game playing with the big names and that will ultimately help China build a strong national squad in future.

While, the league in China is still missing a big European name, it has several renowned African and South American players plying their trade in it and the most recent ones to join are Ramires and Jackson Martinez.